This module provides some basic information that should enable you to use the Rcpp library to integrate c++ code within R. It also gives some details of how to use the R packaging system to organise both c++ and R code in an R package which can be hosted on github for use by yourself and other interested parties.


There are numerous reasons that may require you to use multiple programming languages with in a project. Here a few of the more common ones -

  • Using different languages that are best suited to different domains.

  • Removing bottlenecks in runtime performance.

  • Reusing code from other projects / sources.

  • Creating workflows.

  • Integration with third party systems, such as user interfaces, web portals, and so on.


What issues do you think might arise when combining different programming languages and/or environments ?

Are you aware of any technologies that might be used to help mitigate the effects of these problems ?

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